Our Daily Bread



For nearly 40 years, we at Our Daily Bread Natural Food Market & Bakery have been baking bread and other specialty baked goods. The founder of Our Daily Bread was a dietitian who studied baking nourishing bread for a healthy diet. We still use most of the original recipes developed by our founder but over the decades we have innovated to serve the changing tastes in nutritious bread. We now have 12 different types for everyone's diets that are rotated through out the week.

As knowledge of proper nutrition has developed and tastes have changed, we have worked to make sure that our breads are the healthiest and the best for you when you feel like having a nice sandwich for lunch or anytime. None of our breads have preservatives so it is best to keep them in the refrigerator or freezer. A quick warm-up in the toaster will bring out the delicious flavor!

In addition to slice bread, we bake mini loaves, poboy buns, hamburger buns, and foccaccia. Selections of our bread are also available around town at numerous places including the Red Stick Farmers Market every 2nd & 4th Saturday and weekly at the following locations:

Bet-R Supermarket

Southside Produce

Calandros (Perkins Rd)

Calandros (Government St)

Calvin's Bocage Market

Alexander's Highland Market


We also produce a selection of other tasty baked goods weekly including cookies, cakes, brownies, fruit breads, and granola bars etc. We supply our granola bars to several locally owned grocery stores and coffee shops around the Baton Rouge area including Brew Ha Ha, Southside Produce, Highland Coffee, Garden District Coffee, Calandro's and more.

Our bakers bake Monday thru Thursday

Baking Schedule:

MONDAY: Mainstay, Cinnamon Raisin, 14-Grain

TUESDAY: Salt Free Mainstay, Whole Wheat Applesauce, 3-Seed Barley, Hearty Harvest

WEDNESDAY: Italian Veggie, Honey Nut, Spelt

THURSDAY: Mainstay, Carrot, Farmhouse, Cinnamon Raisin


We encourage special orders and requests for any of our breads or bake goods.